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3D Clothes for Real World Applications

Replace physical samples and patterns with a digital folder containing the Production-ready 2D patterns,
3D renders of the garment and techpack

T0001_Colorway A.png
Technical Specification-1_edited_edited.jpg
Tweed Vest-PT.jpg

Complete Digital Workflow. Forward Thinking Fashion.

2D pattern design, stitch, fit & rendering. Brand-size model avatars fitted with 3D garment samples. Smart design changes with quick visualization. View alternative design options from print, color, and digital material libraries in 
high-quality rendered, realistic garments. Variations in lighting control, map manipulation, and seamless prints are rendered into high-resolution models.

Online Platform Communication and 3D Annotations

Sharing 3D garments online saves time and produces easy to understand garment construction. 360-degree visualization shows all parts of the garment. Lining, facing, and tape in place in the 3D model produces an accurate fit sample for the final sealer to produce.

Factory Friendly Production Pattern

Patterns produced by commercially experienced pattern cutter achieve a good fit from the first sample and establish the production cost at an early stage with virtual fittings. The individual pattern has clear annotations, a good balance of the notch, correct seam width, grain lines, tape information, arrows, and measurements enabling subsequent production without errors.


3DFASHION.DESIGN is Mai Cheetham, a Japanese 3D Technical Designer based in Spain.

I deliver an end to end digital sample creation workflow, adding 3D modeling software to my previous CAD workflow. I produce photorealistic renders of garments, and deliver visualisations and models of garments that can be ultimately used in the real or virtual world.

I have been freelancing using my skills for a variety of clients from the UK, the US, and the EU.

I have a strong awareness of commercial fashion, styling, and technical construction. My knowledge of a broad range of materials and finishing enables me to focus on the production of patterns and garment specifications to defined budgets.

I am currently open to freelance or project-based roles, as well as full-time work.

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